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We're about to demolish an unhabitual property in Soham. In doing so, we will build two chalet bungalows. For any further information please contact us today.



The beautiful five bedroom, detached, modern family home was sold in 2022. We are so proud of it. The sweeping driveway with established woodland trees made it look impressive from the very first impression. The light gallery entrance hall, spacious bedrooms and ensuites and balcony and living room from the master bedroom were key design features that brought this masterpiece together. You can see the original artist impression (right) and compare it to the final photographs, safe in the knowledge we keep our word when it comes to high quality and design. 

New Build Sign.jpg



Simon and Amy from Barton chose Swift Building Company to build their four bedroom custom dream home. The house featured several unique touches including brickwork to mirror an existing willow tree, glass corridor and beautiful wood detailing. Here are a few images (right) showcasing the finished project. 

Below: Three bedroom detached family home in Sutton. 

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